At Rappel, all of our technicians are rigorously trained and certified under IRATA and/or SPRAT. This ensures that we not only meet, but exceed the highest standards of safety and professionalism in every project we undertake.
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Rappel can provide your site with a multi-skilled and ticketed trades-based crew, that can execute an extremely broad variety of work scopes:
Welding (Structural & Pipe)
General Mechanical & Millwrighting
Insulation & Sheet Metal
One Rappel team can eliminate the costs associated with: scaffolding, scaffolders, mobile cranes and man-baskets, MEWP’s, tradespeople and high angle rescue teams – we cover the lot!


Rappel’s CGSB Certified NDT Technicians can provide your site with a complete asset integrity assessment. Our ticketed technicians, along with a rope access skillset, allow our Inspections to be performed in the most remote work locations in minimal time.
Ultrasonic Thickness Testing
Magnetic Particle Testing
Visual Inspection (General & CSA W178.2)
API 510
API 570
API 653

Rope Access

Rappel specializes in rope access – a method of work at height that utilizes ropes and harnesses to access locations rather than building scaffold, MEWP’s, etc.

All Rappel technicians are ticketed under either IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) or SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians).

Our Trades based work force is typically crewed with ~75% Level 3 rope access supervisors at any one time, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to every job.

With our safe and innovative method of work at height - work scopes that previously took days and weeks, now take hours and days with Rappel.

Confined Space & Vessel Entry

Rappel is your one stop for confined space monitoring, entry & rescue.
Our team can perform a variety of tasks, including:
Atmospheric Monitoring
Hazard Assessment, Mitigation & Rescue Planning
Stand-By Rescue
Chute Scaling
Mechanical Repairs

Rope Rescue

The technical skills and equipment at Rappel’s disposal allow us to think outside of the box when formulating rescue plans.

Our rope rescue teams can provide comprehensive, start-to-finish coverage, including:
Risk Assessment and Risk Review with applicable personnel
Rescue Plan Formulation
Stand-By Rescue
Existing Entry and Rescue Plan Review/Consultation

Transportation & Utilities

Rappel are a valuable asset to infrastructure shared by many utilities including gas, road, rail and hydro organizations.
Bridges and Aerial Crossings: From suspension bridges to trusses, Rappel have experience across a variety of structures. Our method of work reduces traffic impediment whilst providing a safe, efficient method of working at height and over water.
Lift Stations: Rope access is well suited to providing mechanical work solutions within public or private lift stations, be it valve replacements or welding in new pipe. Our work method is safe, fast and effective.
Compressor and Pump Stations: Congested stations limit the use of MEWP’s for work at height, yet Rappel can access anywhere within your facility in under 60 minutes. See our services to find out what we can do for your facility.
Hydro & Power Infrastructure: Penstocks, spillways, powerhouses and stacks are areas that Rappel can execute a wide variety of work scopes. Our safe, efficient method of performing work at height has another key factor – it significantly reduces equipment down time and production loss, due to the efficient nature of the rope access system.